Saturday, 23 April 2011

This is in our Garden and all the snow pilled up and it was very thick! 

THORPE PARK!!!!!!!!! :D

This is pitchure of SAW and im in the middle next to my brother and my dad!

We went on a water ride called Rumba Rapids and we did get a bit wet.

This is before we went onto the rides!

this is November or the bigging of December 

My Shelf !!!!!

This is a pitcher of my shelf and on it is 2 Reindeer's and 1 slinky  

Friday, 22 April 2011

this is Little Miss Muffit sooooooo cute ! x

this is the brain that moves and its in the snow!

Odd Socks 

Thats Snitshall and Little Miss Muffit 
Tonight i had a great night and im now very tied and i am on my sofa watching t.v! Happy Easter!! :D :D :[) Happy Face !!


i like to find and wonder about ghosts to see if they exist or not
and i looked and found this and i think its real and i like it!